Best Of Awino Lawi By Dj Ridgey

Best Of Awino Lawi

Best Of Awino Lawi By Dj Ridgey
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Year 2024 DJ Mix – Kenyan DJ Mix

Awino Lawi was a prominent Kenyan Benga musician and band leader. He was born in Gem, Kambare village, Siaya County, Kenya. Lawi started his music career in school and became a prolific songwriter and Benga artist. He was the leader of the band Victoria ‘C’ Kings, known for hits like “L.L B Anyango,” considered one of his greatest songs. Lawi’s music career spanned several decades, and he was known for his unique style that blended traditional Luo music with modern elements. He was particularly influential in shaping the sound of Benga music in Kenya and beyond. His music was popular in Kenya, other East African countries, and the Kenyan diaspora. Several notable achievements marked Awino Lawi’s music career. He was a key figure in developing Benga music, which originated in Kenya in the late 1940s and 1960s. He was also known for his collaborations with prominent Benga artists, including Odhiambo Siangla and Ochieng Nelly Mengo.

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