Peacock Highlife Band Mp3 Songs Mix – Peacock Band DJ Mixtape

Best of Peacock Band Mixtape

Peacock Highlife Band Mp3 Songs Mix - Peacock Band DJ Mixtape

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Year 2024 DJ Mix – Download Latest Igbo Music DJ

We present to you peacocks international highlife band mp3. You Now can Download Peacock International Guitar Band’s finest music in mp3. Nze Dan Orji and Raphael Amarabem, of blessed memory, are the band leaders of the Peacock Guitar Band, an Owerri highlife music ensemble.

Early in the 1970s, Raphael Amarabem, a former sideman in Rex Lawson’s Mayors Band of Nigeria, started the well-known Peacocks International Guitar Band. Amarabem had been performing in Ghana for a while, and the Peacocks embodied the 1970s Nigerian guitar-based highlife genre that was greatly influenced by Ghanaian music.

Peacock Highlife Band Mp3 Songs

On July 31, 2015, lead singer Dan Orji, who had previously started his own band called Skylark, passed away.

This Mixtape is an introduction to peacock band songs. Peacock bands are internationally recognized for their lively and powerful traditional music. Some well-known peacock bands include the Peacock Band of Brothers, Rafael Amaral, and the Peacocks International Highlife Band. All of these groups create rich and diverse sounds, which are perfect for any occasion. The best hits of the Peacock International Guitar Band includeNKWO ORJI,  IGBUOLA M-EBIRI YE, MARY MARIAMAM, AGALABA JI IGWE, UMU IBE, SAMBOLA MAMA etc

  • Peacock International Band – SA MBORA MAMA
  • Peacock International Band – IGBUOLA M – EBIRI YE
  • Peacock International Band – MADU ALA ANU NWANE YA
  • Peacock International Band – UMU IBE
  • Peacock Band – Egwu Mgbashiriko
  • Peacock – Dan Njemanze
  • Peacock – This Girl Oshuku Onye Arinma
  • Peacock – Mama Aloije
  • Peacock Band – Agalaba Ji Igwe
  • Peacock Band – Enweghi Mmadu (Uwam Lele)
  • Peacock Band – Feresirima
  • Peacock – Onye Aghala Nwanne Ya
  • Peacock Band – Jesus Christ (Chukwu Emela Awawe)
  • Peacock Band – Odo Biro
  • Peacock Band – Oji Onyuike Egbu Aruru
  • Peacock Band – Ezenwata Nwannem (Oke Osisi)
  • Peacock Guitar Band – Mary Meriamam
  • Peacock Band – Ejelam Nkwo Orji

Below Download & Enjoy Peacock Highlife Band Mp3 Songs Mix – Peacock Band DJ Mixtape

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