Best Of Daasebre Gyamenah Songs DJ Mix; Mixtape

Best Of Daasebre Gyamenah Mix

Best Of Daasebre Gyamenah DJ Mix - Daasebre Gyamenah Songs Mixtape

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If you love Ghanaian highlife music, you will enjoy this Best Of Daasebre Gyamenah DJ Mix. Daasebre Gyamenah was one of the most talented and popular singers in Ghana, who sadly passed away in 2016. His songs are full of emotion, melody, and soul. This mixtape features some of his greatest hits, such as Gyelibilibi, Wakye, Kokooko, Ahoofe, and many more. You will feel his passion and spirit in every song. Listen and download this mixtape and enjoy the best of Daasebre Gyamenah.

Daasebre Gyamenah Songs, all Daasebre Gyamenah popular songs,Daasebre Gyamenah mega mix,Daasebre Gyamenah, was a Ghanaian highlife musician who became very popular for his hit album Kokooko which featured Lord Kenya. Kokooko was the first major fusion of hiplife and highlife in Ghana.Enjoy the best of Daasebre Gyamenah songs.

  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Wodo Enda
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Kokooko
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Twaso
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Ahoofe
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Obi Mpaso
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Obaa Ben Ni
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Eye Mmere
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Still I Love You
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Saa Na Etee
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Meye Onipa
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Abaso Bo
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Calling
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Wafom
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Hwenpo Aduro
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – U Stole My Heart
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Makye
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Abofra Besu
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Enye Aduro
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Ghana Highlife
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Meserewo
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – I Beg
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – How Far
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Its OK
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Dwankobia
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Adefoodey
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Mensesa Da
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Still I Love U
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Hwe Sesie Ne Ahwene
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Eye Aniwuo
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Obaa
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – Didi Twen Me
  •  Daasebre Gyamenah – A Friend in Need

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