Zimbabwe Mixtape: Best of Oliver Mtukudzi of All Time

Mix By: DJ Chizzariana
Mixtape Title: Best of Oliver Mtukudzi
Type: Tribute Dj Mixtape
Release Date: February 2019
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Tribute Mixtape: Best of Oliver Mtukudzi of All TimeDescription: Legendary Zimbabwean musician, Oliver Mtukudzi has died January 26 at the age of 66.
He was rated as one of the top ten richest African musicians by Forbes in 2018.

You probably know his song, Mkuru Mkuru if you listen to the Saturday and Sunday sports shows on Nigeria Info FM. It is played virtually every Saturday and Sunday on the show.

RIP Oliver Mtukudzi your music lives on in our hearts.

Tracklist: No

Oliver Mtukudzi Albums

1978 Ndipeiwo Zano (re-released 2000)
1979 Chokwadi Chichabuda
1979 Muroi Ndiani?
1980 Africa (re-released 2000)
1981 Shanje
1981 Pfambi
1982 Maungira
1982 Please Ndapota
1983 Nzara
1983 Oliver’s Greatest Hits
1984 Hwema Handirase
1985 Mhaka
1986 Gona
1986 Zvauya Sei?
1987 Wawona
1988 Nyanga Nyanga
1988 Strange, Isn’t It?’
1988 Sugar Pie
1989 Grandpa Story
1990 Chikonzi
1990 Pss Pss Hallo!
1990 Shoko
1991 Mutorwa
1992 Rombe
1992 Rumbidzai Jehova
1992 Neria Soundtrack’
1993 Son of Africa
1994 Ziwere MuKobenhavn
1995 Was My Child
1996 Svovi yangu
1995 The Other Side: Live in Switzerland
1995 Ivai Navo
1997 Ndega Zvangu (re-released 2001)
1997 Chinhamwe
1998 Dzangu Dziye
1999 Tuku Music
2000 Paivepo
2001 Neria
2001 Bvuma (Tolerance)
2002 Shanda soundtrack
2002 Vhunze Moto
2003 Shanda (Alula Records)
2003 Tsivo (Revenge)
2004 Greatest Hits Tuku Years
2004 Mtukudzi Collection 1991–1997
2004 Mtukudzi Collection 1984–1991
2005 Nhava (Tolerance)
2006 Wonai
2007 Tsimba Itsoka
2008 Dairai (Believe)
2010 Rudaviro
2010 Kutsi Kwemoyo (compilation)[7]
2011 Rudaviro
2011 Abi’angu (Duets of My Time)
2012 Sarawoga — Sarawoga laments the losses that the legend has had to endure in his life, not least the loss of life. Thus he has been left ‘alone’ in a sense, hence the title Sarawoga (left alone).
2014 Mukombe Wemvura
2016 God Bless You – The Gospel Collection
2016 Eheka Nhai Yahwe!
2018 han’a (Concern)

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