[Igbo Mixtape] Best Owerri Bongo Highlife DJ Mix

Mix By: DJ urchi
Mixtape Title: Best Igbo Bongo Highlife DJ Mix
Type: Igbo Traditional Music Dj Mixtape
Release Date: April 2019
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[Igbo Mixtape] Best Owerri Bongo Highlife DJ MixDescription: Igbo Bongo traditional highlife music is a notable part of the Igbo culture for years past. The Owerri Highlife soundtrack brings inspirations and gives the listeners a sense of belonging to their respectiveΒ roots.

Highlife music is highly regarded Igbo music culture, with great respect to their cultural lifestyle, beliefs and uniqueness of the eastern people , at the same time giving birth to great young stars who have became legends in the igbo Highlife Music genre.
TrackList: No
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