Best Of Orits Williki Mixtape Songs DJ Mix; Mixtape

Best Of Orits Williki Mixtape (Orits Williki Popular Songs)

Best Of Orits Williki Mixtape Songs DJ Mix; Mixtape

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Orits Williki Popular Songs, all Orits Williki songs,Orits Williki mega mix,Orits Wiliki is a Nigerian reggae musician who gained recognition upon the success of his 1989 record, Tribulation produced in part by Lemmy Jackson. The record was followed by Conqueror, released in 1990, and in 1991, he released a less successful LP Wha Dis Wha Dat.Listen and Enjoy the best of Orits Williki songs.

If you love reggae music, you will love this mixtape of the best songs by Orits Williki, the Nigerian reggae legend who has been rocking the stage for 40 years. Orits Williki is known for his hit albums like Tribulation, Conqueror and Wha Dis Wha Dat, which feature songs of faith, hope and social justice. This mixtape will take you on a journey through his musical career, from his early days as a sound engineer to his current status as a koleman revolutionaire. Enjoy the vibes and feel the spirit of Orits Williki in this mixtape.

  • Orits Williki – Colour Blind
  • Orits Williki – I Don’t Wanna Loose Ya
  • Orits Williki – Mubalamumbe
  • Orits Williki – The Only One Ft Eedris Abdulkareem
  • Orits Williki – I Don’t Wanna Lose Ya
  • Orits Williki – Iya Bho Ya
  • Orits Williki – Ten Commandment
  • Orits Williki – Why Run
  • Orits Williki – Rain Drop
  • Orits Williki – No Politics
  • Orits Williki – Judgement A Come
  • Orits Williki – ten Commandments
  • Orits Williki – Lets Get Married
  • Orits Williki – Faya Burn
  • Orits Williki – Forward
  • Orits Williki – The Good the Bad the Ugly
  • Orits Williki – Fight The Fire
  • Orits Williki – Heart of Stone
  • Orits Williki – Nuh Look Aback
  • Orits Williki – Wanted
  • Orits Williki – Ambush
  • Orits Williki – Jah Works
  • Orits Williki – Ignorance
  • Orits Williki – The Only One
  • Orits Williki – Me Nah Know
  • Orits Williki – Hand in Hand
  • Orits Williki – Conqueror
  • Orits Williki – Lift Him Up Higher
  • Orits Williki – Uha Uha
  • Orits Williki – Wha’ Dis Wha’ Dat
  • Orits Williki – Armageddon
  • Orits Williki – Don’t Blame The Youth

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