Best of Styl Plus Mp3 Songs DJ Mix Mixtape (Old & New)

Best of Styl Plus Old And New Mp3 Songs Dj Mixtape

Mix By: DJ Dee Money
Mixtape Title: Styl-Plus MEGA MIX
Type: Naija Old Scholl Compilation Mixtape
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Best of Styl Plus Dj Mixtape (Old & New Songs)

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Best Styl-Plus Songs Mix

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The group Styl-Plus is a Nigerian R&B and pop musical group / quartet. The founding members were Shifi Emoefe, Tunde Akinsanmi, Yemi Akinwonmi, and Lanre Faneyi, the name STYL being an abbreviation of the founders first names. In 1998 Lanre Faneyi died, and Zeal Onyecheme joined the group. Best of Styl Plus Mp3 Songs DJ Mix Mixtape (Old & New)

  • Styl-Plus – Olufunmi
  • Styl-Plus – Iya Basira
  • Styl-Plus – Runaway
  • Styl-Plus – Imagine That
  • Styl-Plus – Call My Name – Instrumental
  • Styl-Plus – Four Years
  • Styl-Plus – Aso Ibora
  • Styl-Plus – Drives Me Crazy
  • Styl-Plus – Stay Alive
  • Styl-Plus – Always On My Mind
  • Styl-Plus – I Don Tire
  • Styl-Plus – Alive
  • Styl-Plus – Home Within Your Heart
  • Styl-Plus – I No Wan Trouble
  • Styl-Plus – Naija
  • Styl-Plus – Hadiza
  • Styl-Plus – Beautiful Ladies
  • Styl-Plus – Ima
  • Styl-Plus – Baby Mo
  • Styl-Plus – When You Smile
  • Styl-Plus – Drives Me Crazy Remix
  • Styl-Plus – Ka Fo Lo
  • Styl-Plus – Don’t Wanna See You Again
  • Styl-Plus – Still Gonna Love You
  • Styl-Plus – Ready To Go
  • Styl-Plus – If You Go
  • Styl-Plus – First Noel
  • Styl-Plus – Drives Me Crazy ft. 2Shotz and Big Lo
  • Styl-Plus – Longing For You
  • Styl-Plus – Olufunmi ft . Da Capo
  • Styl-Plus – Coming Home
  • Styl-Plus – Olufunmi Remix
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  1. Unfortunately this mix tape does not include all the songs outlined above which was the main attraction in the first placed!!


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