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SlowDog Mixtape || Dj Pajeh – Best of SlowDog Mixtape

Mix By: Dj Pajeh
Mixtape Title: SlowDog Eze Mgbu Mix
Type: SlowDog Songs MP3
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Dj Pajeh - Best of SlowDog MixtapePress Release: New year new project the number one Indigenous representin Disc jockey Dj Pajeh who is now Addressed as YDP which the full meaning is Yunng Dj Pajeh kick off 2016 with this Indigenous igbo rapper #‎SlowdogEzeMgbuMix_By_YDP‬ which is his first project off the #YDPPROJECT work. Well there is no need to ask how goog the mix is, he has done it before on Mr Raw, BosaLin and still doing it again now on SlowDogg just download it and feel it.

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SlowDog Mp3 Rap Songs

  • slowdog Nkwo
  • Nkwo (feat. Deejay JMasta & Emma Drummer Boy) · 2018
  • slowdog Dubai 2 Onitsha
  • Dubai 2 Onitsha (feat. Magnito) · 2019
  • slowdog Testimony
  • Testimony (Remix) · 201
  • slowdog Away Match
  • Away Match · 2018
  • slowdog Aka Gi
  • Aka Gi [YMR Remix] · 2016
  • slowdog Bom Bom
  • Bom Bom · 2017
  • slowdog Njo
  • Njo · 2019
  • slowdog Parte After Parte
  • Parte After Parte · 2019

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