Best Of Lucky Dube Dj Mixtape (All Lucky Dube Songs)

Mixtape Title: Lucky Dube Greatest Hits Collection
Type: Reggae Compilation Mixtape
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Description: NEW LUCKY DUBE MIX Together As One, My Brother My Enemy, Crazy World, Slave, Prisoner

Best Of Lucky Dube Mixtape

TrackList: Yes

  1. Good Girl
  2. Romeo
  3. Big Boys Don’t Cry
  4. Feel Irie
  5. Love Me The Way I Am
  6. Is This Freedom
  7. Trinity
  8. God Bless The Woman
  9. Fugitive
  10. It’s Not Easy
  11. Lovers In Dangerous Time
  12. Life In The Movies
  13. Money Money Money
  14. Think About The Children
  15. Sleeping Dogs
  16. Serious Reggae Business
  17. War & Crime
  18. Affirmative Action
  19. Guns & Roses
  20. Crime & Corruption
  21. Together As One
  22. Crazy World
  23. Truth In The World
  24. My Brother My Enemy
  25. The Way It Is
  26. Victims
  27. Slave
  28. Prisoner (Live)
  29. I’ve Got You Babe

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  1. World ? legend
    Now a day our musicians are all talking about sex and money ?.
    But the real ones talked about truth, peace, unity, love, life, freedom, and so on…

  2. Mishark Or Brasier
    Lucky Dube a Legend Crime and Corruption, My brother my Enemy, Truth in the World, Think about the Children, Lovers in Dangerous Time and Together as One ????❤️?✌️??

  3. Music gives me the sign of happiness n the sign of sadness .Lucky Dube make me think before making a decision expecially as l’m finding a good woman to marry now, may Jehovah God bless him n his generation on today n those coming.God please keep his spirit until we meet again.

  4. Now have never given a review about any of your mix but this one got me the dj is the best ,selection on point you arrange the songs very well thanks bro

  5. Music is a very powerful source of happiness, it keeps you going through rough times. Lift your spirit when you’re down. Lucky Dube music does all these. Thanks to the Life of Music Hero, Music Legend such as Lucky Dube. You’re always alive through your inspirational music, O Lucky Dube!!!

  6. Legend lives on!?
    To die is to live in the heart of those that you Love.
    In all your quality songs you still live in our Hearts.
    Good songs are hard to find,
    Keep Resting Legend!

  7. Lucky dube is like a prophet to me coz his songs talks about what is happening in this universe today,he said they will make a virus and pretend to be looking for the virus

  8. Till nest life i will always be a fan of lucky dube rip ? ? quality music is hard to find in this days, your quality is out of stock ?????????

  9. Interesting really amazing ?
    A legend that will forever live in our heart.
    May his soul be remember in the last day
    Amen for “raster man”

  10. He is my music icon,
    And i learn every day from his music
    And oneday. I will represent him and turn reggae to my water too as you made it food that i eat. Love u dearly

  11. I miss u Dube, I grew up wishing to meet u one day but that wish was dashed, through ur songs now I meet u everyday…

  12. Lucky dube is a living legend… Kudos to the DJ that put everything in one place but you forgot to add 3 of my favorite and evergreen track.

  13. Luky dube is a lengend and i love listening to his song when me and my dad we are along…………..i love lucky dube. rest in perfect peaces ranstar man. May heaven be your final destination

  14. ??An overwhelming messages from lucky dube. His songs will always live on.The Dj did an awesome work too.Well done!

  15. Lucky Dube reggae music is unique with a combination of root reggae beats, rock calypso dance steps and philosophical lyrics, loaded with life experiences. It relaxes your nerves, gets you off tension. Most of his love songs arouse love feeling that endears you more to Lucky Dube.

  16. I love liuke dube song , is one of the top best musical we have in the world. I learn so much from his music, and I believe that is still alive.because his music is about pearching and tearching of the Ward of God. (Thanks, and may God be with him we’re ever he is (AMEN).

    • Big up “Ras” ???? mi know sey ar Jah send you till we meet again rest well soldier of redemption “choo choo ” ????? BLESSED SELAISEA .

  17. The globe and Africa in particular lost a legend (Lucky Dube) he remains the light of Africa in reggae.

  18. Soul touching and inspirational songs. He took over from Bob Marley but unfortunately no one has been able to replace him after his demise. Rest in peace Lucky amen.

  19. Oh my god luck dube is myt best in my life i used to hear in is music bot day and nighty 2 4 7.may him soul R I P.for whenever him sleep now

  20. I like so much raggie music than food more especially luck dune song ,even though he has died I try to promote his music through my talktime bantles and may his soul rest in peace.


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