Best Of Lil Nas X DJ Mix; Latest Songs Mixtape

Best Of Lil Nas X Mixtape

DJ Sparrow Best Of Lil Nas X Hot Jamz Mixtape

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DJ Sparrow takes the musical reins with the “Best of Lil Nas X Mix,” a dynamic compilation that spotlights the genre-blurring artistry of the chart-topping sensation. With seamless transitions, Sparrow weaves together Lil Nas X’s hits, creating a sonic journey through country-infused beats and rap anthems.

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This mix is a testament to DJ Sparrow’s skill in curating a captivating fusion of sound, offering listeners an immersive experience into the diverse world of Lil Nas X’s genre-defying repertoire.

  1. “Old Town Road” (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)
  2. “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”
  3. “Panini”
  4. “Holiday”
  5. “Rodeo” (feat. Cardi B)
  6. “Industry Baby” (with Jack Harlow)
  7. “Sun Goes Down”
  8. “C7osure (You Like)”
  9. “Dolla Sign Slime” (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)
  10. “That’s What I Want”
  11. “SUNSET”
  12. “F9mily (You & Me)” (feat. Travis Barker)
  13. “Kick It”
  14. “Bring U Down” (feat. Ryan Tedder)
  15. “POPSTAR” (Yak Gotti feat. Lil Nas X)
  16. “MONTERO (Sorry Baby)”
  17. “Family” (feat. Nas)
  18. “HOLIDAY (Remix)” (feat. DaBaby)
  19. “Serving” (with Future)
  20. “Lost in the Citadel”

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