Best of Peter Tosh Mixtape (Peter Tosh Songs DJ Mix)

Mix By: Jah Rich
Mixtape Title: Peter Tosh Tribute Mix
Type: Peter Tosh old reggae Songs Dj Mix
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Best Peter Tosh Songs Tribute Mega Dj Mixtape

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Peter Tosh Songs Mixtape

Best of Peter Tosh Mixtape (Peter Tosh Songs DJ Mix) This well thought out mix CD does not drop a thousand songs each played for 30 seconds, but instead presents 33 meaningful tunes showcasing Tosh’s lyrical skills, unrelenting message, and overall musical talent. From vintage Rock Steady tunes like the popular “Treat Me Good” and “I Am the Toughest,” a Tosh anthem, to 1970s classics such as “Can’t Blame the Youth” and the essential “Stepping Razor,” all the way to gems of the early 80s like “Buckingham Palace” and “Peace Treaty,” this mix CD has it covered! Of course, the mix also features rarities such as “Don’t Look Back” on the renowned Coxsone label and the groundbreaking “Rasta Shook Them Up” from 1966. Peter Tosh Tribute also presents several dub tracks or “versions” which highlight the many outstanding musicians (including the versatile Tosh) that played alongside the Bushdoctor.

Tosh fanatics, Wailers fans, reggae addicts, this mix CD is something special, so get your hardcopy mix CD for the whip or download the mix online! Massive, in the famous words of Tosh manager Copland Forbes (who often introduced Tosh at concerts in this very way), “Extinguish your cigarette and light up your spliff…you are about to take off…” Respect!

1. Stepping Razor
1979 Intel-Diplo BM 3707-2
2. Bombo Klaat
1981 Intel-Diplo DSR 2958-A
3. Babylon Queendom
1976 Intel-Diplo PT 3011
4. Them A, Fi Get A Beaten
1971 Pressure Beat FJG-7784
5. Here Comes the Judge
1971 Shock FJG 3552-A
6. The Mark of the Beast
1973 Intel Diplo PT H4615-A
7. Treat Me Good
1966 Studio 1 2nd DIR CS 2005-A 1H
8. Leave My Business
1971 Jogibs FPT 7916-A- FRM
9. I Am The Toughest
1978 Studio 1 CD 1033-A
10. Verison
1978 Studio 1 CD 1033-B
11. Rasta Shook Them Up
1966 Coxsone Pre CS 1317-1
12. Maga Dog
1971 Pressure Beat FJG 7581
13. Can’t Blame the Youth
1972 Intel Diplo TSL PT 1155
14. Verison
1972 Intel Diplo PT 1156 TSL
15. Burial
1973 Intel Diplo DSR TC 9808-A
16. No Mercy
1972 Intel Diplo PT 2660
17. You Can’t Fool Me Again
1998 Impact 41- A
18. Version
1998 Impact 414-B
19. Legalize It
1975 Intel Diplo PT-177-A
20. Rankin Joe / Peter Tosh – Legalize It
2012 Delicious Vinyl DV 9055-10 A
21. Legalize It – Echodelic Remix
2012 Delicious Vinyl DV 9055-10 B
22. Anti – Apartheid
2009 Solomonic/Dub Store DSR-NL7-006
23. Dracula
1976 Intel-Diplo DSR 7169-B
24. African Version
1977 Intel-Diplo DSR 4223-B
25. African
1977 Intel-Diplo DSR 4222-A
26. Brand New Second Hand
1976 Intel-Diplo DSR 3630-A
27. Once Bitten
1971 Tuff Gong DSR PT 7736-1
28. Rock With Me
1981 Intel-Diplo DSR 1396
29. Peace Treaty
1981 Intel-Diplo DSR 5934-A
30. Buckingham Palace
1978 Rolling Stones ST-RS 37303-1
31. Soon Come
1978 Rolling Stones ST-RS-35614-1
32. (You Got To Walk and) Don’t Look Back
1978 Rolling Stones ST-RS 35613-2
33. Don’t Look Back
1966 Coxsone Records CS 1535-1
34. BONUS TRAX: Michael Blackford – Bush Doctor
1987 GG’s RMM 1043A

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