Bob Marley ‘N’ Lucky Dube Mix (Bob Marley VS Lucky Dube)

Bob Marley And Lucky Dube

Mixtape Title: Best Of Bob Marley and Lucky Dube
Type: Reggae Songs Dj Mixtape
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Description: This is dub-wise and no compromise. No competition. Just reggae music for reggae lovers. This time on a dub mood, echoes & reverb. We hope you will enjoy it! Reggae Strong Mix is heavyweight sounds, take care about your ears. This music can beat your head. Lucky Dube Together as One Captured Live · 1990 Reggae Strong Prisoner · 1989 It’s Not Easy House of Exile · 1991 War And Crime Prisoner · 1989 Different Colours, One People Victims (Remastered) · 1993 Think About the Children Slave · 1989 House Of Exile House of Exile · 1991

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Bob Marley 'N' Lucky Dube Mix (Root Reggae Mixtape)

DJ Roszay – Best Of Bob Marley VS Lucky Dube Mixtape

Undisputed DJ roszay whose Mixtapes on musical platforms now has a Cumulative 100, 000 streams on Audiomack, 2 years ago recorded this mixtape for his listening pleasures but today he decided to drop it for you guys to vibe and chill with it while we Get hrough this
Below are Quotes by the Two Greatest Reggae Legends of All time…

  • Bob Marley-Redemption Song
  • Lucky Dube-Usizi
  • Lucky Dube – Prisoner
  • Bob Marley – I Shot the Sheriff
  • Bob Marley-Turn the Lights down Low
  • Lucky Dube-Different Colours
  • Bob Marley-Natural Mystic
  • Lucky Dube-I’ve Got You Babe
  • Lucky Dube-Romeo & Juliet
  • Bob Marley-One Love

Bob Marley & the Wailers, The Wailers and Lucky Dube.


Feel the rhythms of old Reggae from the best of lucky dube & Bob Marley mixtape.

Bob Marley _
Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing gonna be all right.
One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.
None but ourselves can free our minds.

Lucky Dude_
Somebody told me about it when I was still a little boy. He said to me, crime does not pay he said to me, education is the key, Love and Light toeveryone streaming this… I LOVE YOU ALL, STAY SAFE !!!

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Download The Best Of Bob Marley vs Lucky Dube Mix ( 54.67 Mb )

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  1. Reggae can change u if u give it listening ear. I can’t do without reggae it means a world to me, cos it has changed me.

  2. Your lucky cube n bob marly mix is the poorest so far. The songs are cool but all ur DJ effect is sooooo unprofessional . Grow up in it or kindly quit.

    • Thanks for your feedback, please we’ll remix and update the mixtape. That’s once again. We’ll reply this comment once we’ve updated the mixtape


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